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Fired Up Tabasco Chip Nuts (3- 8oz jars)

  • Fired Up Tabasco Chip Nuts (3- 8oz jars)

Product Description

Fired Up Tabasco Chipnuts: Roasted Peanuts in a crisp potato shell. These are delicious! You will love them. They are different than anything I've seen on the market - a peanut inside a potato chip. These come in 3 flavors. This one, flavored with Tabasco Peppers has a Medium Heat Level. Marvelous edition to the world of snack food. You must try these spicy peanuts! Three 8oz jars in each order. I promise you will eat them all, and come back for more. - Read Reviews of Fired Up Tabasco Chip Nuts (3- 8oz jars)
~ Size: 8oz ~ Heat Level: 6 (Medium)

Try This On : Eat by themselves, or with beer.

Fired Up Tabasco Chip Nuts (3- 8oz jars) PRODUCT DETAILS
Size : 8oz
Regular Price :
Heat Level : 6 (Medium heat snack)
Bottle Type: Glass Round Short
Color : Peanuts with Potato Chip Shell are bright red with Red Savina Pepper
Consistency : Peanuts
Produced in : USA
Style :fired up tabasco chip nuts, roasted peanuts in a crisp potato shell, roasted peanuts, spicy peanuts, fired up snack, snack, heated snack, a peanut inside a potato chip, smokey, snack food, peanuts in potato chip, gourmet, low sodium, fired up tabasco chipnut, tabasco, tobasico, tobasco, tabasco peppers, gourmet snack
Manufacturer : Cajohns
Themes : Firegirl's Favorites * Gourmet Snacks * Fits In Display Box
Ingredients :

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