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FireGirl's Hot Sauce Catalog Private Label Hot Sauce Label Sample

Here is an example private hot sauce label we can provide to you as part of FireGirl's Private Label Hot Sauce Program. 


Wrt to label graphics, we have template you can layout what you’d like on it, but think about the layout elements shown in our sample label layout above. The label for the 5 oz or 6oz. hot sauces is 3"x5". It must leave room for nutritional and distributed by info. In order to provide you with the best possible label graphic, we would appreciate the actual graphic file from the computer program you used to generate the graphic (that is eps, ai, cdr, or pdf file had is default from your graphics program). Any typical graphics file should be okay for printer, except no Quark (eps OK though). Vector art is preferred. If bitmapped art use 300 dpi scaled to size. Also we would need the fonts converted to curve/outline, since they are unusual fonts. Finally, we just need to printout on our 4 color inkjet printer using gloss labels to confirm the label will be the best that it can be. (small fonts, certain background colors, no bleeding etc)

Please call us if you have any questions, at toll free at 800-296-9646 or 215-798-1003 if you are outside the USA.